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Inconel®718 Tubing hanger ,Sleeve Bushing(UNS N07718,wwW.Nr.2.4668,Alloy 718)

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Inconel®718 Tubing hanger / Nickel alloy 718 Sleeve Bushing / UNS N07718 forging

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Resistant to fatigue, radiation, oxidation and corrosion
  • Dedicated to petroleum parts
  • Executive standard: API6A
  • customized product
  • Fast product production cycle

Product Details

Alloy718 Material characteristics

It has good comprehensive performance in the temperature range of --423.4 ~ 1292F ,and the yield strength below 1200F ranks first among deformed superalloys.It has good fatigue resistance,radiation resistance,oxidation resistance,corrosion resistance and good Processing performance.In the aerospace,nuclear energy,and petroleum industries,the welding performance and long-term tissue stability of various shapes and complex parts have been widely used in the above temperature range.
Another feature of alloy718 is that the structure of the alloy is particularly sensitive to the hot working process.It masters the precipitation and dissolution of each phase in the alloy and the relationship between structure,process and performance.Reasonable and feasible process regulations can be formulated for different usage requirements.You can get a variety of parts that can meet different strength levels and usage requirements.

Alloy718  Application field

+Components in aircraft engines

+Engine parts
+Various elastic elements and grids in the nuclear energy industry
+Parts for petroleum applications
+Chemical industry
+Nuclear engineering

Professional production:alloy718 forging, alloy718 Die forging

Provide finished products, secondary processed parts and heat treatment

We produce Alloy718 alloy materials to meet the special standard requirements provided by customers. We produce forgings and customize products according to customer requirements, including shaping die forging, product secondary processing and special process requirements, ranging from 5mm to 3000mm in diameter. Our mature material control and automated process control ensure the stable quality and dimensional accuracy of the product.

  Product specification range

.Bar:Diameter 8mm-350mm,Length 500mm-5000mm

.Profile:Diameter 8mm-280mm,Length 500mm-5000mm

.Casing:Diameter 200mm-φ1500,Length 100-800mm

.Ring:Diameter 150mm- 1500,Length 100-2000mm

.Disk:Diameter 200mm-1500,Length 100-800mm

.Die forging:Single weight is greater than 8kg

What is the delivery time?

Answer:Usually 15-50 days,email communication according to the requirements.

Where do you usually ship from?

Answer:Usually sent from Shanghai China

Accepted payment methods?

Answer:We accept payment by T/T,L/C

Shanghai LANZHU super alloy Material Co., Ltd.

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