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Inconel®625 Seamless tube,pipe,ring,Sleeve(UNS N06625,W.Nr.2.4856,NC22DNb)

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Inconel®625 pipe / UNS N06625 ring / W.Nr.2.4856 sleeve

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • We are specialized in the production of Alloy 625 materials and Alloy 625 pipe fittings
  • We can produce Alloy 625 tubes, sleeves and precision tubes as required
  • Our Alloy 625 pipe fittings can meet your demanding requirements
  • Alloy 625 ring and pipe fittings have been used in Chemical environment for many years
  • Our Alloy 625 seamless tubes has a fast production cycle and stable product quality

Product Details

Similar grades:

USA : UNS N06625


Germany: W.Nr.2.4856  NiCr22Mo9Nb

England: NA 21

Alloy 625 has excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, has good tensile properties and fatigue properties from low temperature to 980°C, and is resistant to stress corrosion in salt spray atmosphere. Therefore, it can be widely used in the manufacture of aero-engine parts, aerospace structural parts and chemical equipment and occasions that are in contact with seawater and are subjected to high mechanical stress.     


Application field:

Alloy 625 is mainly used in Aerospace industry

Chemical Processing           Aircraft ducting systems

Jet engine exhaust systems           Engine thrust-reverser systems

Specialized seawater equipment        Marine industries

Sea-water applications             Commercial Gas Turbines

Food Processing                Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Power generation                Nuclear Power Plants

Gas turbines                   Pressure vessels Tanks

Alloy 625 pipe fitting Production specifications:

• Pipe: outer diameter (6-350) mm* inner diameter (0.10-120) mm* ≤8000mm

• Sleeve: external diameter: 50mm

• Ring:Diameter 150mm- 1500,Length 100-2000mm

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