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Nickel Alloy In718 Bolts
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Recently, Our company IN718 bolts came out, they look like a piece of art, very beautiful.

In718 bolt is an age-hardened nickel-chromium-based superalloy. Even under pressure and high temperature, it is very suitable for extreme environments requiring oxidation and corrosion resistance bolts. It is an ideal choice. 718 bolts are twice as strong as In625 bolts and are known for their high yield strength and availability at 1800°F. In718 bolts are usually selected by the industry because of their high-temperature strength capabilities, and they can also provide strength and ductility at low temperatures.


In718 bolts, also known as alloy 718, are the precipitation hardening (also known as age hardening) form of In625. This heating and quenching process is used to change the atomic structure of the alloy, making it stronger by locking the grain structure of the metal in place. Additional strength can be obtained by cold working.


Similar to 625, In718 bolts have excellent resistance due to their nickel and chromium content, and can even resist chloride ion stress corrosion cracking. The nickel in alloy 718 helps to resist many inorganic and organic compounds in a wide range of acidity and acidity Corrosion. Except for alkaline and strong oxidizing compounds. Its chromium content allows it to withstand sulfur compounds and mild oxidizing media, while molybdenum helps prevent pitting corrosion. The key corrosion resistance properties of In718 include:


Ø Highly resistant to chloride and sulfide stress corrosion cracking.

Ø Excellent resistance to H2S, CO2, chloride and acid gas environment.

Ø Water corrosion resistance.

Ø Provide protection in oil and gas drilling environments at high temperatures.

The role of In718 bolts: extreme applications

· Natural gas treatment with pollutants such as H 2 S and CO 2

· Aerospace also uses In718 bolts to manufacture liquid oxygen turbo pumps, gas turbine engines and airframe parts

· Downhole oil well and wellhead parts

· Chemical Processing

· High temperature applications, such as steam generators and nuclear pressurized water reactors

· Low temperature tank


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