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LANZHU powder metallurgy technology can maximize the potential of various material properties!
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As we all know, the high-temperature alloy developed with jet technology is a kind of high-temperature structural material with the most complex composition and high technical content, which has had a great impact on modern aviation. As mentioned earlier, the powder metallurgy superalloys developed due to the modern powder metallurgy technology have brought this type of material to a whole new level. Powder metallurgy superalloys have firmly established their dominant position in the manufacture of aeroengines, especially in the manufacture of advanced engine turbine disks. In this regard, my country's technological foundation is still very weak, which has restricted the development of my country's aviation jet technology.

Powder metallurgy high-speed steel is another important development. For example, the control valve of the main thermal circuit of a nuclear power plant works under extremely harsh conditions and needs to be forged with high-strength, high-corrosion resistant duplex precipitation hardening stainless steel. Due to the large volume, complex shape, component segregation, cracking, etc., it cannot be manufactured by general casting and forging methods. However, it is successfully solved by adopting inert atomization powder milling, hot isostatic pressing, and near-net forming powder metallurgy technologies. With this problem, a segregation-free, high-performance product was produced, in which the main valve body was nearly 1m in diameter and the weight of a single piece exceeded 900kg. There are many similar examples. In short, modern powder metallurgy technology can maximize the potential of various materials. It is a very effective way to produce various high-performance materials and work materials under extreme conditions, so as to ensure Or promote the development of a series of high-tech.


Shanghai Lanzhu Special Alloy Material Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of alloy materials in China. Through smelting, forging, precision casting and powder metallurgy, it provides users with one-stop equipment materials for terminal alloy forgings, profiles, castings, powder metallurgy products and other products. . Since its establishment in 2005, the company has been devoted to nickel alloy and cobalt alloy material process research and development of forming technology, committed to solving the practical application of material value-added technology in complex environments, and has a solid material development foundation and material solution capabilities. The rich product line provides users with a multi-channel supply model to maximize product value-added.


The company currently has four production lines under four business divisions.

1. Vacuum atomization powder production line: Committed to the professional production of metal spherical powder. Metal spherical powder is mainly used in additive manufacturing, MIM, and spraying. Metal spherical powder varieties include: high temperature alloy powder, stainless steel powder. Our alloy powder has high purity, low gas content, no segregation, and good fluidity, which gradually replaces imported metal powder.

2. Silica sol investment casting process production line: the use of vacuum casting Silica sol process extends the investment casting process in terms of special alloys. The company has explored centrifugal vacuum precision casting technology and vacuum rapid solidification technology to greatly improve the quality and internal performance of alloy material castings, and provide users with high-quality alloy casting products with low inclusions, no porosity, and no segregation. The products are mainly used in high-speed rotating parts (such as high-performance automotive turbocharger impellers, high-temperature fan impellers, etc.) in high-temperature environments, and parts used in corrosive environments (such as pumps and valves used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and other industries).

3. Forgings and parts production line: provide users with products and parts through vacuum smelting, forging, cutting, machining and other methods.

4. Horizontal continuous casting long profile production line (under commissioning): dedicated to high-temperature alloys, corrosion-resistant alloys, precision alloys, special stainless steels, and difficult-to-form high-alloy horizontal continuous casting pipes, rods, and profiles

The company always adheres to user demand-oriented, relying on the advantages of material expertise, to provide users with a full range of material solutions from raw materials to product molding, including: alloy material function customization, alloy material performance improvement, and proprietary technical services. The company uses leading alloy material manufacturing technology and experience to provide excellent alloy products for the aerospace, petroleum and petrochemical, nuclear energy industry, chemical industry, marine industry, machinery manufacturing, communications electronics and other manufacturing fields to help users reduce production costs and improve product quality .

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