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1J79(Permalloy 80, Magnifier 7904, 79HM,PC) alloy powder
Release time: 2021-07-27 09:49:23  Hits: 199

1J79 similar grades: Permalloy 80, Magnifier 7904, 79HM (Russia), PC (Japan), is a common iron-nickel-based soft magnetic alloy (permalloy) with high magnetic permeability. It achieves sufficient magnetic permeability and magnetic saturation induction through a reasonable combination of nickel and iron. 1J79 also adds these elements such as molybdenum and copper to increase the resistivity of the material to reduce the eddy current loss after the iron core is made. At the same time, the added elements can also increase the hardness of the material, which is especially beneficial for applications with wear such as magnetic heads.

The 1J79 alloy powder developed by Shanghai Lanzhu is spherical powder with good fluidity. In China, the smallest powder size of our company can reach 5 microns. The alloy powder developed at present is the best to use. Of course, this is also the true feedback of many customers of our company.

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