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Invar36 alloy powder
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Alloy 36 is a special low-expansion iron-nickel alloy with an ultra-low expansion coefficient. Cold deformation can reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion and stabilize the coefficient of thermal expansion within a specific temperature range. Its polar thermal expansion coefficient is between -250°C and +200°C.

Has good plasticity and toughness


Shanghai Lanzhu Special Alloy Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It has been devoted to nickel alloy and cobalt alloy material process research and development of forming technology, and is committed to solving the practical application of material value-added technology in complex environments. It is a leading manufacturer of alloy materials in China. Through smelting, forging, precision casting and powder metallurgy, it provides users with one-stop equipment materials for terminal alloy forgings, profiles, castings, powder metallurgy products and other products. Have a solid foundation for material development and material solution capabilities. The rich product line provides users with a multi-channel supply model to maximize product value-added.


Our Invar36 alloy powder has a spherical shape and features: good fluidity, uniform particle size distribution, no material segregation, and low gas content; the powder specifications can be produced in the range of 5-150 microns; in China, the minimum powder specifications of our company can reach 5 Micron, the alloy powder currently developed is the most practical.


The powder can be used in laser/electron beam additive manufacturing (SLM/EBM), powder metallurgy (PM), spraying and other processes. Iron-based metal powders are widely used in 3D printing thin-walled devices and complex parts, thermal spraying, laser cladding, biomedicine and other fields.


Our core advantages:

1. Technical strength: have technical service capabilities from material design, powder analysis, powder application, and post-material processing

2. Years of successful experience in the development of high-end metal materials

3. Highly compatible with metal powder and printer

4. Reliability of metal powder quality

Our service advantages:

1. Printing process experiment

2. Powder development

3. Post-material heat treatment

4. Process forming technical service


1. Strictly control the quality of raw materials

2. Vacuum smelting adopts VIM+ gas protection vacuum atomization

3. Strictly implement the process parameters in the process

4. Strictly implement the inspection process

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