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1j79 alloy powder
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1j79 is a commonly used iron-nickel alloy (soft magnetic alloy), which can also be called Bromo alloy. It mainly achieves sufficient magnetic permeability and magnetic saturation induction through a reasonable combination of nickel and iron.

Permalloy often refers to iron-nickel alloys with a nickel content in the range of 30 to 90%. It is a very widely used soft magnetic alloy. Through appropriate technology, magnetic properties can be effectively controlled, such as initial permeability exceeding one hundred thousand, maximum permeability exceeding one million, coercivity as low as two thousandths of Oersted, close to 1  or close to With a zero rectangular coefficient, permalloy with a face-centered cubic crystal structure has good plasticity, and can be processed into 1 micron ultra-thin ribbons, alloy powders and various forms of use.

The 1J79 alloy powder independently developed by Shanghai Lanzhu has a spherical shape and features: good fluidity, uniform particle size distribution, no material segregation, and low gas content; the powder specifications can be produced in the range of 5-150 microns; in China, our company has the smallest powder specifications Up to 5 microns, the alloy powder currently developed is the most practical, which is also the true feedback of many customers of our company.


Our core advantages:

1. Technical strength: have technical service capabilities from material design, powder analysis, powder application, and post-material processing

2. Years of successful experience in the development of high-end metal materials

3. The metal powder is highly compatible with the printer

4. Reliability of metal powder quality


Our service advantages:

1. Printing process experiment

2. Powder development

3. Post-material heat treatment

4. Process forming technical service



1. Strictly control the quality of raw materials

2. Vacuum smelting adopts VIM+ gas protection vacuum atomization

3. Strictly implement the process parameters in the process

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