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Inconel718 material parts
Release time: 2021-01-08 09:04:11  Hits: 43

Yesterday delivered a batch of motor rotor parts (front and rear short shafts)-Inconel718 material.  The alloy material is characterized by the alloy's structure being particularly sensitive to the hot working process, and grasping the law of phase precipitation and dissolution in the alloy and the relationship between the structure and the process and performance Correlation, reasonable and feasible process procedures can be formulated for different use requirements, and various parts that can meet different strength levels and use requirements can be obtained.

Inconel 718 / Alloy718 high-speed rotating shaft can be used as the motor rotor, the speed is 50000 rpm. The renewal of the high-speed rotating shaft material is reflected in the safety of the material. Our customers have used it for 5 years through experiments and it has proved the perfect performance of the Alloy718 short shaft.

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