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GH4169 fastener
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GH4169 is also known as Inconel718, UNS N07718, W.Nr.2.4668, Alloy718. The picture shows the fasteners ordered by Blue Casting customers. Inconel718 is used internationally.

The material supplies castings, bars, plates, strips, rings, wires, forgings, springs, fasteners, etc. It can be manufactured according to drawings. Inconel718 has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking regardless of high or low temperature environments. And the ability of pitting corrosion, the oxidation resistance at high temperature is especially excellent. Another feature is that the structure of the alloy is particularly sensitive to the hot working process, and the relationship between phase precipitation and dissolution in the alloy and the relationship between structure, process and performance can be mastered, and reasonable and feasible process procedures can be formulated for different use requirements. Various parts that can meet different strength levels and usage requirements.


Application areas:

• Aeroengine components

• Various elastic elements and grids in the nuclear energy industry

• Parts for petroleum applications

• Chemical industry

• Nuclear engineering


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