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Nickel alloy 718 Forged long shaft,principal axis(Inconel718 ,N07718,W.Nr2.4468)

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Inconel718 Forged long shaft / Forged long shaft / Nickel alloy shaft

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Length up to 9000mm,
  • Competent with the harsh environmental requirements in petroleum refining
  • Can maintain Alloy718 perfect performance
  • High strength at low temperatures
  • Excellent concentricity

Product Details

   We are a professional manufacturer of super alloy material long shafts. We have experience from material to long shaft forging, long shaft heat treatment and long shaft processing.

Since 2005, we have accumulated rich experience in production to meet the needs of users in the petroleum, energy, chemical, nuclear industry, machinery and equipment markets.

Inconel 718 Corrosion resistance

718 alloy with extremely resistance to stress corrosion cracking and pitting ability in high temperature or low temperature environments, especially the inoxidability in the high temperature.


Inconel 718 Application field

The elevated temperature strength, excellent corrosion resistance and workability at 700 properties made it use in a wide range of high requirement environments.

1.Steam turbine

2.Liquid-fuel rocket

3.Cryogenic engineering

4.Acid environment

5.Nuclear engineering

Long axis range: diameter: less than 200mm, length less than 9000mm

Shanghai LANZHU super alloy Material Co., Ltd.

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