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Inconel®718 Forging,bar,plate,strip,ring,wire,bolts,spring,3D metal powder,precision casting(UNS N07718,W.Nr.2.4668,Nc19FeNb)

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UNS N07718 / W.Nr.2.4668 / Inconel®718

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • We have professional experience in producing Alloy 718 materials and Alloy 718 series products
  • We can make Alloy 718 into various products and parts
  • We can produce Alloy 718 products and processed parts according to standards and requirements
  • We have stable process control capabilities to ensure the performance and processing of Alloy 718
  • Fast production cycle and stable product quality

Product Details

Inconel®718 253 ~ 700 ℃ temperature range has good comprehensive performance, the yield strength in the deformation under 650 ℃ high temperature alloy, and has good fatigue resistance, radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and good processability, welding performance and long-term stability, can manufacture all kinds of complex shape parts, in the aerospace, nuclear power, petroleum industry, in the above temperature range obtained the extremely widespread application.

Another feature of the alloy is alloy organization particularly sensitive to hot working process, master alloy phase precipitation and dissolution of law and the organization and process, the relationship between performance and can be used according to different requirements, reasonable and feasible process procedures, can get to meet the requirements of the use of different strength level and various parts.

Alloy 718 application field

•An aeroengine component

•Various elastic components and racks for the nuclear energy industry

•Parts for petroleum applications 

•The chemical industry

•Nuclear engineering 

Alloy 718 can produce the following products

Forging,bar,plate,strip,ring,wire,bolts,spring,3D metal powder,precision casting

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