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Incoloy®800 casting,Sheet,strip,Pipe.Forgings,Precision casting,3D Metal powder(UNS N08800,0Cr20Ni32AlTi,No8800,NCF800,X2NiCrAlTi3220)

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UNS N08800 / 0Cr20Ni32AlTi / Incoloy®800

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • We have 15 years of professional experience in producing Incoloy®800 material
  • We can make Incoloy®800 into various products and parts
  • We can produce Incoloy®800 products and processed parts according to standards and requirements
  • We have stable process control capabilities to ensure the performance and processing of Incoloy®800
  • Fast production cycle and stable product quality

Product Details

The Cr content Incoloy®800 alloy is usually 15-25%, the nickel content is 30-45%, and contains a small amount of aluminum and titanium.

The 800 alloy is in the austenite single zone after high temperature and rapid cooling, so the use state is a single austenite structure.

The alloy has a high chromium content and a sufficient nickel content, so it has a high resistance to high temperature corrosion, and is widely used in industry.

It has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chloride, low concentration NaOH aqueous solution and high temperature and high pressure water, so it is used to manufacture stress corrosion cracking resistance equipment.

Alloy 800 application field

• The chemical industry

• Nuclear generator

• Nitric acid cooler, acetic anhydride cracking tube

• Heat exchange equipment, heat exchange tube 

Alloy 800 can produce the following products

casting,Sheet,strip,Pipe.Forgings,Precision casting,3D Metal powder

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