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HastelloyC-276 casting,Valve body(UNS N10276, W.Nr.2.4819,Nickel alloyC-276)

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UNS N10276 / W.Nr.2.4819 / Nickel alloyC-276

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Can be cast into various shapes
  • The King of Hard-to-Corrosion Alloys
  • Has very good resistance to crevice corrosion
  • Smooth surface, close to the finished product
  • The longest incubation time in the chemical environment

Product Details

Our HastelloyC-276 castings, pumps, valves (UNS N10276, W.Nr.2.4819, Nickel alloyC-276) are suitable for chemical, petroleum and nuclear energy industries. HastelloyC-276 can resist many corrosions in harsh environments, and Compared with other materials, it is more durable and economical. The overall unit price cost is actually more cost-effective than ordinary stainless steel every day. Therefore, HastelloyC-276 castings, pumps, and valves will be used in more complex environments under economic budget.

We are direct manufacturers. Hastelloy C-276 castings, pumps and valves can be customized according to the drawings. Our most favorable specification is more than 5kg / piece, there is no minimum requirement.. 

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Shanghai LANZHU super alloy Material Co., Ltd.

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