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Spherical powder for 3D printing additive manufacturing Alloy 718
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The revolutionary significance of 3D printing is self-evident. Through 3D printing technology, any impossible shape can be magically manufactured. This allows many difficult problems in practical applications to be solved. While providing a perfect solution, the investment is low and the production cycle is shortened. In addition, the remaining nickel alloy powder can be used continuously, avoiding the waste of resources.

Alloy 718 is a superalloy based on iron-nickel hardening. It has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, tensile, fatigue, and creep properties. It is suitable for various high-end applications, such as aircraft turbine engines and land-based turbines. The alloy spherical powder made by Alloy 718 is also called universal powder and is widely used in the field of 3D metal printing.


Nickel alloy spherical powder use: 3D printing, injection molding, hot isostatic pressing, spraying

Nickel alloy spherical powder material: 718, 625, 4J36, C276, GH4169, GH2132, 600

Application fields of nickel alloy spherical powder:

Aerospace-components with complex shapes, fine dimensions, and special requirements

Machinery industry-complex modeling parts that are difficult to achieve with traditional technology

Petroleum and Petrochemical-Shaft

Electrician and Electronics-Fine parts that cannot be achieved by traditional craftsmanship

Shanghai Lanzhu Special Alloy Material Co., Ltd. adopts a unique vacuum atomization powder production line, dedicated to the specialized production of alloy powder, and combines it with powder injection molding (MIM) and 3D printing to form powder metallurgy and 3D printing finished product production. The main products are Applications such as electronic product parts, molds and other complex and high-performance products. Realize high purity alloy powder, low gas content, no segregation, and good fluidity.

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