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Special processing technology of special alloy-ring rolling
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       The development of special alloy precision cerclage equipment and technology has greatly improved the overall performance of the ring and the utilization of materials, reduced manufacturing costs, and saved precious metal resources. At the same time, it also satisfies the development and production of high-tech weapons and equipment and national defense technology. Industrial development needs.


Special processing technology of special alloys---ring rolling

     Especially for industries that use special alloys, such as aerospace, weaponry, engineering machinery and other high-end equipment manufacturing fields, the precision cerclage technology of special alloys is a special, professional and precise technology. 'Special' refers to special alloys. Special metal materials such as high temperature, high strength, high corrosion resistance, etc., are difficult to process, which determines the high performance characteristics of their processing equipment.

     The main processing equipment of special alloy precision ring rolling technology is generally large-tonnage (above several thousand tons) CNC forging equipment, large-scale CNC ring rolling equipment and digital control heating furnace. High-performance 'professional' production equipment, while ensuring product quality and accuracy, also raises the threshold of this industry. Furthermore, in terms of 'precision', due to the particularity of special alloys, in order to produce qualified special alloy parts, forging parameters, heat treatment parameters, heating temperature and control must be precisely adjusted during the processing. To precisely control the relevant processing parameters of various materials, the properties of each special alloy must be accurately mastered in order to obtain qualified products.


 Special processing technology of special alloys---ring rolling

      In fact, the principle of ring rolling is relatively simple. Whether it is radial rolling or radial-axial rolling, it belongs to the rotary plastic forming technology, which uses the rotating rollers in the ring rolling equipment to perform the ring blank Continuous partial pressure makes the ring blank gradually reduce in wall thickness and gradually expand the ring diameter during the rotation process to achieve a plastic processing technology for integral forming.

Special processing technology of special alloys---ring rolling


      Having said that, the editor will introduce some of the most important features of the ring rolling process:

     1) The ring has high precision, small machining allowance and high material utilization. The geometric accuracy of rolled-formed rings is equivalent to that of die-forged rings. The blank punching is small and there is no consumption of flash material. Compared with the ring free forging process and flame cutting process, the precision of rolling forming ring parts is significantly improved, the machining allowance is greatly reduced, and there is no free forging and horse frame reaming on the surface of the ring parts. Rough layer.

    2) The internal quality of the ring is good. The rolled ring has dense internal structure, fine grains, and the fibers are arranged in the circumferential direction. Its mechanical strength, wear resistance and fatigue life are significantly higher than other forged and machined rings.

    3) Low production cost. Ring rolling has the comprehensive advantages of high material utilization, fewer machining hours, low production energy consumption, and long rolling pass life, so the production cost is low.

 Special processing technology of special alloys---ring rolling

     Although compared with foreign advanced technology, my country's forging industry is still in a relatively backward position. Most domestic forging companies are mainly engaged in the production of ordinary carbon steel material forgings. They have insufficient processing capabilities for special alloys, low product technology content and added value, relatively backward technology, and low-end parts manufacturing in the application areas. With the development of the national economy and the country's strong support for the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and important basic parts and components industry, the domestic forging industry is gradually developing in the direction of 'professional, refined and special'.


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