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Smooth delivery of Inconel718 bolts
Release time: 2020-09-15 13:00:46  Hits: 5

       We have another batch of Inconel718 high-strength bolts delivered smoothly

The bolt material delivered this time is Inconel718 bolt. The bolt's achieved grade is 12.9. The bolt has passed the inspection at one time. The screw thread, thread angle, minor diameter, pitch diameter and appearance of the bolt meet the self-inspection of Benlan Casting. Claim

     Inconel718 materials are used in harsh places such as high temperature and corrosion resistance. Inconel718 is widely used in environments that require high temperature resistance and harsh environments.

     Due to the difficulty of processing the material, in addition to the performance of the material itself, the key point of the bolt processing technology is also controlled. Our bolts are fully inspected. The size and angle of each bolt must meet the requirements of the drawing. Shanghai Blue Cast The product quality and technical capabilities of special alloy materials give users peace of mind, and let users hold blue cast hands and be friends for life.

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