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Invar36 export product
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Invar36 has always been a core subject in Shanghai Lanzhu.Because it's professionalism, it is focused.

In 2020, China is going through the most difficult period, but we have a strong motherland as the back, so this passed quickly.We feel fortunate and proud, because we were born again and resurrected.

We have resumed work at the factory since the beginning of 2021, and normally domestic orders have been running.Recently, there have been more orders for exporting abroad.I think they should also resume their normal lives and work.Hope the world is peaceful and harmonious!

Shanghai Lanzhu Invar36 has a high purity, mature process control, and a rich product line.It can manufacture forgings, strips, pipe fittings, bars, precision castings and other forms.We can customize on demand, controlable cost, and one-stop service.There is a complete after-sales guarantee.

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